Preserving Our Veterans' History

The experiences of our service members and veterans in defending our freedoms is a critical component of our nation’s history.

That is why I am excited to partner with the Library of Congress on their landmark Veterans History Project. This undertaking seeks to preserve the stories and experiences of American veterans from WW1 to present conflicts, so that future generations can hear directly from veterans to better understand what they witnessed, duties they performed, and experiences they had during their service to our country.

To make this exciting project a success, our office is seeking volunteers for two types of contributions: veterans who would be willing to share their experiences on camera so their story isn’t lost to time (1), and veterans who would be willing to assist in interviewing fellow veterans on their experiences during war (2). If you’re interested in assisting with this project in either capacity, please fill out your information on the form below and our office will be in touch with opportunities to volunteer.

On June 22nd, we held a virtual training session to assist in interviewing fellow veterans, which you can view here. Check out our PSA here.

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— Congressman Kevin Kiley

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