California House Delegation Unanimously Supports Initiative to Fix Prop. 47

Jun 12, 2024
In the Community

WASHINGTON – Today, Representative Kevin Kiley (R-CA) released a letter signed by every Member of the California GOP House delegation supporting the voter initiative to fix Proposition 47, which has now qualified for November’s ballot. The letter to Governor Newsom condemns a scheme by Sacramento politicians to undermine the initiative and urges the Governor to reject any poison pill passed by the Legislature.

Click here to read the full letter to Governor Newsom.

“California’s House Republican delegation stands in strong unified support of the initiative to fix Prop. 47 and make our communities safer. We condemn the scheme afoot in Sacramento to deny Californians a fair vote on this vital public safety measure,” Rep. Kiley said.

“Every day, business owners, workers, customers, and citizens must deal with the effects of crime in our communities. Californians have had enough. This initiative is a common sense measure to restore appropriate consequences for criminal activity and give law enforcement the tools needed to keep our communities safe.”

BACKGROUND: The Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act would amend the 2014 initiative, Proposition 47, by restoring consequences for retail theft and drug offenses while reviving drug treatment programs. It is endorsed by a broad bipartisan coalition, including the Democrat Mayors of San Jose, San Francisco, and San Diego.

This week, legislative leaders in Sacramento announced a scheme to amend several public safety bills to (1) make them take effect immediately and (2) make it so they will be automatically reversed if the ballot initiative passes. This has been broadly condemned as a trick meant to confuse voters as to what the initiative will do.

Click here to read more in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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